Kelsey Humphries

Branding Brand

Mobile Commerce & Product Design

The Brief

Lead the creation of intuitive, simple to use yet robust, and beautifully designed products for Branding Brand

Time Frame

2 years

My Contributions

user testing,
high fidelity mockups,

In the fall of 2013, I joined the UX team at Branding Brand. I’ve had many different responsibilities during my two years at the company, and I currently am working on designing new products for the company. bb-wireframe


I contributed wireframes for many different client projects. These ranged from mobile commerce sites to apps to responsive sites. Most recently, I’ve been focused on responsive designs for enterprise products. I’m a big believer in using the right tool for the job, and during my time at Branding Brand I’ve created wireframes in Balsamiq, Axure, and Sketch, with varying levels of fidelity and interactivity. bb-prototype


One of my biggest areas of growth at Branding Brand has been my technical skills. Although I knew basic HTML/CSS/Javascript before joining the company, I’ve had the chance to really grow in my understanding of how the web works. I’ve made several interactive prototypes that were shared widely in the company to demonstrate new interactions, and eventually incorporated into many of Branding Brand’s client sites. I’m always trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, and recently completed a prototype using Ember, Ember-Data and node.js. bb-animate Animations and transitions can be so important when communicating an interaction. In order to convey animation ideas to clients, I created several videos and prototypes, using After Effects and Framer. bb-abtest

A/B Testing

I was responsible for regularly testing patterns and interactions to help develop a library of best practices for mobile commerce. I would design the tests and interpret the results. Often, I would also implement simple tests myself. This was a great introduction to data-driven decision-making and experimental test design. I also regularly evaluated client sites and documented recommendations for future A/B tests. This was mostly based on heuristic evaluation and the results of past tests. bb-research

User Testing

I helped to introduce user testing practices at Branding Brand and conducted over 15 usability studies. I tested client sites with basic commerce tasks, such as finding a product, adding to cart, and completing checkout. The findings from these tests revealed issues and bugs that we would not have been able to catch otherwise.

Product Design

In February 2015, I joined the product team at Branding Brand as the only designer. I have been responsible for user research, wireframes, visual design, and usability testing of multiple products. I’ve worked closely with the product manager to help define product requirements and user stories. We’ve been fortunate to have a dedicated prototyper on the team, and I’ve been responsible for helping to rapidly iterate on our prototype concepts. I’ve also worked on developing design principles to help create a framework for making consistent and informed design decisions. Although I unfortunately can’t disclose the final results for many of these due to confidential information, reach out if you’d like to chat more!